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Air Travel Safety

Post Last Modified – April 20, 2021

Helpful Airport Air Travel Security Screening Tips

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Below, are a few helpful Air Travel Security Screening Tips to help you breeze through those long lines just a little quicker and easier. Everyone dreads having to endure those long endless safety security lines at the airport.

I know they are a pain to deal with, but I have no problems taking the extra time it takes to feel a little more secure about my upcoming flight. Rather than just rushing through without any security check what so ever.

There are things we can do to help speed up those long security lines!

I’m sure you all feel the same way as well.  Airport security rules are for our safety and we should be thankful that they are in place. Taking a few moments and being prepared for screening at the airport, can make the whole process much quicker for everyone and a lot more pleasant as well.

First, check out this quick video from one of my favorite travel experts Peter Greenberg, on airport security and air travel safety in general.

How To Get Through Airport Security Quickly – YouTube Video

As you can see, it’s really important that you know what you are packing with you through security screening. You should try to be familiar with what is allowed and what’s not allowed.

Check out my post here on 🧳 Carry On Baggage Restrictions for more detailed information. A little preparation beforehand can save a great deal of aggravation and added expense at the airport.

Using common sense in packing will go a long way when proceeding through airport security.

Air Travel Security And Your Carry On Luggage

Airport Air Travel Security Screening Tips

With the additional expenses airlines are now charging passengers for checked luggage, people are now choosing to carry their bags onto the airplane more than ever before. So, you should be aware of what is acceptable to actually take on board the plane.

Most airlines have pages on their websites dedicated to luggage restrictions. Be sure to check there before leaving and when packing your bags for travel.  As well, you can easily find this information by contacting your local travel agency, or any other reputable travel business for that matter.

For obvious reasons and particularly for air travel safety concerns, anything that can be used or considered as a possible weapon cannot be taken on board the aircraft. The most common items in this category are …

Small pocket knives

Scissors of any size

Razor blades

Airport Security Lines – Update:

Airport Security Screening

It was announced that sharp tipped scissors are now allowed in your carry-on luggage.  Here is the general restriction allowance for this item:

Sharp-tipped scissors with blades measuring 6 cm (2.4 in) or less, and all round-tipped scissors.

I am sure you are getting the picture here and any other items typical of the above in nature. Any objects that may be used for piercing, cutting or sharp in nature , other than just mentioned above, is a definite  No – No !

There are a couple of excellent resource sites with very helpful information for North American travelers in regards to this topic. Typically, any liquids you plan on carrying onto the plane must be in containers 3.4 ounces or 100 ml maximum in size.

These must be in clear plastic bags and ready for quick inspection.  By having these items at the ready, makes the whole air travel safety security line run so much smoother and more efficient for everyone.

Having these items packed all together and ready for inspection should now be something everyone does automatically for travel security.


For those in Canada, visit the 🍁 Air transport security website and for the United States, be sure to visit 🚥 Transportation security administration for complete details on luggage restrictions.

Wear Clothing Appropriate For Airport Security Screening

charging laptops at airports

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for causing line delays at airport travel security check lines is what people wear.  Many people are caught off guard and not properly prepared for inspection.

The biggest reason is Clothing!

Here are a few tips to keep in mind regarding clothing and airport security:

Airport Security


Try to wear shoes that can be quickly and easily taken on and off.  In most cases, you must take your footwear off as part of the screening process. Be prepared before before reaching the screening table.


If you need a belt to hold your clothing up , then be prepared to have it fall!  Belts must be taken off when going thru security!  Do you really need that decorative belt on before passing thru the security line?

Empty Pockets:

Try to empty those pockets before entering the line. Check all of your pockets, including your coats beforehand.  This will save a great deal of time in line, allowing the lines to run more smoothly.  How many times have you seen people standing at the screening table fishing thru their pockets holding up the line?


If you are wearing jewelry, take it off before entering the line! It’s the same as emptying those pockets of yours.

Coats and Sweaters:

You need to remove your coats and sweaters prior to walking thru the X-Ray Machines.

Airport Security Lines – Tip

clear ziplock bags

Our family always carry extra plastic lunch baggies with us in our carry on luggage to put our jewelry, loose change and any other pocket items we may have into prior to proceeding through security.

Have Boarding Passes & Passports Ready For Security Staff

travel documents

A couple of other items surprisingly neglected prior to proceeding through travel security lines are your boarding passes and passports.  For obvious reasons, security personnel need to ensure the people who are proceeding through airport gates are supposed to be.

Not just anyone is allowed to pass through airport security. Again, this is vital for air travel safety, helping to keep us all safe and secure at all times.

Have your boarding passes and passports at the ready and not tucked away in your bags causing delays in the lines.

Airport Security Rules Keep Everyone Safe & Secure

Actor Daniel Craig 
Actor Daniel Craig

Even James Bond or (Daniel Craig) has to go through airport security check lines. So don’t despair, it’s not as bad as it looks or seems.

These are just a few simple airport security rules to keep in mind  the next time you have to pass thru airport travel security lines. I know after years of travel and with airport security screening lines getting longer, it does pay to be prepared and ready for security staff.

It definitely makes their job a whole lot easier and makes the entire process so much quicker. Most importantly, it’s a lot more stress free relaxing as well. 🙂

If you follow these simple procedures, you will be amazed how much smoother the entire process is, and how less inconvenient it is as well. Airport security rules are in place for all of us and for very good reason!

Be sure to arrive at the airport well before departure. These lines are getting longer and longer, especially at major international airports. My wife and I now have our NEXUS security cards, so now we can go thru the express lines! 🙂

Air Travel Security Update:

Airport Security Lines

One of the leading travel experts I follow, after gathering statics at airports and security screenings suggests to;

Try to avoid the major airports on Friday nights.  This is when many security lines are very busy at airports, making things move very slow. Statistics gathered said that traveling on Saturday is for the most part, now the best day of the week to travel to avoid those long wait lines.

Air India Airplane

Final Thoughts Banner

With most of us, we really don’t have a choice when booking our flights. The airlines seem to control when we can and cannot fly. Not having to rush can certainly reduce stress, anxiety and make your overall air travel experience just a little bit better.

Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

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