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Chiles & Chocolate Cooking Classes
Post Last Modified – January 05, 2021

Chiles & Chocolate Cooking Classes – Village to Table Dinner

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If you’re visiting the picturesque region of Huatulco, Mexico and you love food, then you simply must book an evening with Chiles & Chocolate Cooking Classes.

On Friday nights only, you can experience their signature Village to Table 8 Course Dinner held outdoors in the countryside, located just outside of the Huatulco area tourist center.

Village to Table Dinner Experience – Huatulco Countryside

Chiles & Chocolate Cooking Classes Owner

My wife and I had the distinct pleasure of joining owner operator Jane on this wonderful feast extravaganza during our recent visit to Huatulco. If you’re a foodie lover, then this is a delightful dinner that you will not soon forget.

Jane hails from Canada, but has been a long time local resident and well established entrepreneur in Oaxaca, Mexico for many years now.

Chiles & Chocolate Full 8 Course Dinner 

Chiles & Chocolate Cooking Class

Below, is a sneak peek at what you can expect on this wonderful Village to Table Dinner Food Adventure!

First, you will be picked up by taxi at your hotel and driven out to the countryside to a small remote village along the banks of the river. This is where Jane has her cooking school established.

As soon as you arrive at her lovely location, you are warmly greeted by Jane and her assistants. Your evening begins with freshly prepared mezcal margaritas! 🙂

Chiles & Chocolate Cooking Classes Margaritas

Smooth and refreshing!

The table setting outdoors is picture perfect! You can watch the sun setting over the river while enjoying your evening cocktail and getting acquainted with other dinner guests.

A perfect peaceful setting for the start of your one of a kind culinary experience!

Chiles & Chocolate Village to Table Dinner

Every dish is delicately prepared and beautifully presented. Jane explains in great detail, the natural ingredients and history of all that she has used in preparing each and every dish you will be enjoying.

Chiles & Chocolate Cooking Class Outdoor Dining

An Amazing Culinary Adventure

Chiles & Chocolate Village to Table Dinner Experience

The Village To Table Dinner Experience

Roasted Tomato and Chile Salsa

Roasted Tomato and Chile Salsa

After enjoying your margarita, your dinner begins with freshly ground Roasted Tomato and Chile Salsa, that you helped prepare from scratch! Your salsa is served over a Blue Corn Tostada with Pork Fat and Farmer’s Cheese.

What a wonderful way to wet your appetite and get you excited for what’s yet to come!
Chile Poblano Soup with Ranch Egg

Chile Poblano Soup with Ranch Egg

Your wine glass is filled with a tasteful white wine selection, originating exclusively from the famous vineyards of Baja California. Next, you’re served next with an excellent Chile Poblano Soup with a fresh Ranch Egg on top.

Poblano is a mild chili pepper originating in the state of Puebla, Mexico.

As Jane takes the time to explain each dish in great detail, it’s quite evident that she has a passion for cooking with naturally organic, healthy, home-grown ingredients.
Tincuiche Fritter with Epazote Salsa

Tincuiche Fritter with Epazote Salsa

Next up is a delicious Tincuiche fritter served alongside a unique Epazote Salsa.

Tincuiche are small river fish that are found in this region of Mexico. Epazote is an annual or short-lived perennial herb native to Central America, South America, and Southern Mexico.

Both dishes are unique and very delicious!
Nopal, Avocado and Radish Salad with Pine Nuts and Lime Vinaigrette

Nopal, Avocado and Radish Salad with Pine Nuts and Lime Vinaigrette

A lovely salad with fresh ingredients as like all of Jane’s dishes. Truly unique to Mexico and that you would normally never get an opportunity elsewhere to experience. All of Jane’s dishes are prepared with such care and culinary expertise.

Nopal cactus, or also commonly known as the prickly pear cactus, is found natively in the southwestern regions of the United States and in Mexico. Nopal cactus is a very common ingredient used in foods in some regions of Mexico.


Yellowfin Tuna with Tamarind

Yellowfin Tuna with Tamarind

Your next course is fresh Yellowfin tuna, lighted seared and served with a lovely tamarind sauce. The tuna simply melts in your mouth and bursts with flavor!

As you’re enjoying every bite of your tuna, Jane then serves you a new glass of Red Wine. Uniquely grown in the lush vineyards of Queretaro, Mexico.
Huitlacoche Empanada with Chipotle Mayonnaise

Huitlacoche Empanada with Chipotle Mayonnaise

It’s time to sample a Huitlacoche Empanada. This is actually a corn fungus and a dish that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. It was another excellent and very unique selection that makes this Village to Table Dinner so special.

This is unlike any other dinner tours you will ever experience!
Chorizo and Cabbage Taco with Chepil

Chorizo and Cabbage Taco with Chepil

Jane’s very own specialty dishes keep on flowing to the table. Up next is a very tasty Chorizo and Cabbage Taco with Chepil.

Chorizo is a well-seasoned pork sausage. It is used in small amounts to add excellent flavor to many Mexican dishes! In Oaxaca Mexico, chepil is a leguminous leafy-green.

Your taste buds will delight you!
Hoja Santa with Oaxacan Cheese, Honey & Grasshoppers

Hoja Santa with Oaxacan Cheese, Honey & Grasshoppers

Don’t let this next dish scare you, it’s actually very healthy and very tasty as well.:)

Hoja Santa is an aromatic heart-shaped herb. It is a large soft leaf which grows in tropic Mesoamerica. The name hoja santa means “sacred leaf” in Spanish.

With this exciting combination of ingredients, it’s a foodie delight for most everyone to enjoy for the first time.
Slow Roasted Venison and Sweet Potato

Slow Roasted Venison and Sweet Potato

This is what Jane has called her Main Course for this incredible healthy dinner feast. The mixture of tender venison mixed with sweet potato and gravy is absolutely splendid!

Her passion for cooking and mixing naturally grown ingredients is very evident, and one that any culinary chef would certainly be envious of.

It’s no wonder Jane has run a very successful cooking school in this region for many years now!
Fried Plantains with Almond Ice Cream & Cinnamon

Cuachalalate Tea

Fried Plantains

To finish off this amazing dinner, you are served with a Fried Plantain with Almond Ice Cream & Cinnamon. This delicious dessert is accompanied with a medicinal Cuachalalate Tea.

Amphipterygium adstringens, or commonly referred to as cuachalalate, is an ancient medicinal plant that has been commercially used in Mexico for centuries.



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I always love taking food tours when traveling around the world. To experience the local culture, the people and the cuisine when visiting new destinations.

It’s a huge part of the overall travel experience.

We’ve enjoyed walking food tours in my travels to India, Vietnam, China and other exciting destinations. But what my wife and I experienced on this Chiles & Chocolate Cooking Classes – Village to Table Dinner, was simply extraordinary!

Chiles & Chocolate Cooking Class Lounge

It’s amazing to see what can be beautifully created and presented by a professional culinary expert. Using simple, natural and healthy earthly ingredients.

This is a dinner like no other you will experience, served in excellence by your host Jane and her staff.

Chiles & Chocolate Village to Table Dinner Tour

Your Dinner Experience includes round trip transportation, all your drinks and this full course dinner. You should expect to be away for at least 3 hours from your hotel.

Reservations are strongly recommended due to the popularity of this limited addition to her regular daily cooking school classes.


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Below, I have listed the official website for Huatulco Cooking Classes, where you can access much more detailed information on this wonderful dinner and her cooking classes offered.

Chiles & Chocolate Cooking Classes Logo

🍲   Huatulco Cooking Classes


Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

signature of author and owner Robert Tellier at https://gr8traveltips.com

Although our visit was in collaboration with Chiles & Chocolate Cooking Classes , rest assured all content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal experience only.
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