Health Benefits Of Traveling
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The Many Health Benefits Of Traveling

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Traveling can be a lot of fun.  It can also be educational, inspiring a strong sense of appreciation for other cultures around the globe. Traveling around the world offers many different things to a lot of people, but has it ever occurred to you that it can bring health benefits too?

As we get older, taking care of our health should be priority one, especially for us baby boomers. Paying attention to good health and cultivating habits that will help us to live longer, more comfortable lives.

Traveling is just one way and that can be of benefit to you on many different levels.  Below, let’s take a look at just a few of the many health benefits you can expect as a traveler. First, check out this cool video from a medical doctor on the Proven Health Benefits of Travel.

Proven Health Benefits Of Vacation – YouTube Video



Diverse Environments Help Boost The Immune System

Travel Health Benefits

When we were children, playing in the dirt was considered to actually be healthy. This is because exposure to bacteria and pathogens, actually helped our immune systems to develop. The more we encountered pathogens, the more antibodies (disease-fighting proteins) we created to ward off future threats.

Wardair Boeing 747

When traveling, we are exposed to many more germs and viruses than we would be in our home countries. These might be carried around in the water or food supply, or transmitted via insects.

Nobody enjoys getting sick or being bitten by insects, but these are inevitable from time to time when traveling. Every time you encounter new pathogens or bacteria on the road, you actually produce more antibodies and strengthen your gut and immune system in the long run.

Hand Washing Clipart

Minor illnesses are a blessing in this sense, but of course good hygiene practices are still smart! There are some illnesses out there that we all want to avoid at all costs.  The fact is that as we age, it’s harder for our bodies to deal with serious illnesses.

We need to give them as much assistance as we can. This is so evident with the recent Corona Virus Pandemic outbreak occurring worldwide.

Sea Exposure Brings Physical And Mental Health Benefits

Tropical Beach

Studies have concluded that swimming and floating in seawater is both calming and mood enhancing. Interestingly, floating diverts the flow of blood toward the abdomen, from the legs upwards. Fresh blood is then able to travel around the entire body more quickly, distributing fresh oxygen.

Swimming Health Benefit

The results are palpable: your mental alertness increases, and so does your physical energy level. Swimming is obviously great for your health, but if you can achieve such benefits without moving at all, that’s got to be good news!

Floating also encourages a feeling of emotional and mental calm. Floating on the waves while listening to the subtle ocean sounds is a form of meditation.

Meditation On Beach

Scientists say that the sound of waves changes your brainwave patterns, inducing relaxation. 🙂


Magnesium Benefits

Then there are the minerals available in the sea. Seawater is full of magnesium, which soaks into your skin and helps you on many levels. Magnesium is one of the most essential minerals. It regulates every other mineral in the body, helps you to sleep well, reduces cramps and muscle pain, and is said to be anti-ageing as well.

What’s more, seawater in conjunction with vitamin D from sunlight, can help the entire body to heal itself more quickly than normal. 🙂

Traveling Improves Brain And Heart Health While Reducing Stress

Seniors Travel Benefits

Any seasoned traveler knows that travel brings a lot of stimulation. It throws challenges at you, expands your awareness and asks that you adapt to ever-changing environments and situations.

This actually does wonders for your cognitive health!  This is because each new experience and new method of doing something, requires your brain to form new neural pathways.

Travel keeps you mentally sharp, with improved cognitive flexibility!

heart health

Traveling can also lower your heart disease risk, a big bonus for travelers in their later years of life. Even if you only go on short holidays, these trips are doing you good.

The Framingham Heart Study concluded that those who traveled at least once per year are less likely to develop heart disease, have a heart attack or stroke. Both of these are linked to diet and nutrition, but also strongly linked to stress.

Woman Relaxing On Beach

Photo by Riccardo Bresciani from Pexels

On holiday, we tend to just relax without the requirements of everyday life pulling our attention this way and that. Just because we are accustomed to this way of living, it doesn’t make it healthy.

Holidays can reduce stresses we didn’t even know we had until we were actually on the holiday.

On an emotional level, travel can help you to become more stable as well. All of your travel experiences combine to teach you that you can handle a lot, so you process challenges without becoming stressed out.

You’re more likely to develop stronger social skills as a traveler, meaning that connections flourish easily and quickly.  This too, leads to a very healthy mind and emotional life. It may also explain why regular travelers seem rarely depressed. 🙂

Travel Can Increase Fitness Levels

Travel Health and Fitness

Fitness may have always been important to you, but as you get older, fitness becomes more of a necessity. Keeping our bodies strong and capable means we’re going to enjoy the benefits of youth for a much longer period.

Being fit and healthy makes traveling easier, but traveling can make the body fitter and help you to feel younger too.

In other words, traveling is a great idea!

Healthy Travel Banner

All that exploring, sightseeing and trying new activities that come with travel and vacations, keeps your body moving.

This will definitely help improve cardiovascular health, overall muscle tone and mental health as well.

Keeping the body active should be a priority throughout daily life. Daily walks on the beach, cycling around new towns or even taking short scenic hikes on your travels will keep you happy and healthy.  In most cases, without even having to make a conscious effort because you enjoying seeing and doing new things!

Beach Walking in Mexico

Looking at just some of the health benefits, it is easy to understand how your life expectancy can be enhanced by travel. Reducing stress, building immunity, strengthening brain function, improving emotional stability and keeping your body strong can only be good things!



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