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Princess Cruise Ship Charlottetown PEI

Post Last Modified – June 18, 2021

A Review Of Our Experience PEI – Taste The Town Food Tour

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We absolutely love taking part in walking Food Tours when traveling. On our visit to Prince Edward Island, we enjoyed the Experience PEI – Taste The Town Historical Walking Food Tour.

An excellent walking culinary tasting experience and a wonderful history lesson through Old Charlottetown City.

The Taste the Town Food + Fact Tour

Experience PEI - Taste The Town

If you love tasting and discovering local dishes when you travel to new destinations, then you’re going to thoroughly enjoy this easy walking food tour. This tour will also share the history of the city as you walk along the historic streets of Charlottetown.

An ideal 3 hour eco-friendly tour for foodie and history buffs alike.

The Taste The Town Experience

Founders Food Hall & Market Sign

Our guide Paul met us at the predetermined meeting point at Charlottetown’s popular waterfront. It was a beautiful summer like day in late September. We couldn’t have asked for better day to experience this type of tour! 🙂

Experience PEI Food Tour Guide

We gathered together with the others in our group and started the tour inside the Founders Food Hall & Market. A lovely restored historical building, now housing a popular food court, market and tourist information center. The building is located down at the waterfront and just outside the cruise ship terminal.

A perfect meeting point, especially for those arriving by cruise ship.

Holy Fox – YOLO Stick Treat

Holy Fox Eatery

Our first stop was to a unique eatery called the Holy Fox. We sampled their signature treat called a “YOLO Stick.” An amazing creation of coffee candied bacon, dipped in milk chocolate and sprinkled with peanuts.

None of us in our group had ever heard of this creation before and it was delicious!

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A great way to begin our tour with a little sugar energy for the walk!

Charlottetown PEI Heritage Building

Paul then slowly led us to our next destination, all the while giving us a detailed account of the history of Charlottetown, and all the changes the city is experiencing with its rapid growth.

We walked along some very historic streets, viewing some beautiful heritage buildings along the way.

Fresh Roasted Coffee And Pastries

Coffee Roaster

Our next visit was to a quaint and very popular local coffee and pastry shop. Time to try some freshly roasted coffee by one of the top roasters in the world.

Coffee and Pastries

Watch as the experienced roaster prepares the beans while enjoying your coffee with a tasty pastry made with island ingredients. We also learned more about the process of roasting for that perfect cup of fresh coffee.

The Historical Gahan House Brew Pub

The Gahan House

Time to move on making our way to Charlottetown’s famous brewery, The Gahan House. Named after a prominent merchant back in the 19th century, his place of residence is now home to this very popular brew pub eatery in the city.

Gahan Brewery Craft Beer

Time to sample some specialty craft beer and their famous blue mussels. Mussels are an important part of Prince Edward Islands economy and are exported globally.

The Province’s world renowned blue mussels are delicious!

PEI Blue Mussels

Strolling along the historic Great George St., Paul continued to inform us in great detail, the history of the area and specific buildings and streets we would walk along.

Charlottetown PEI Heritage Buildings

We walked by the beautiful Bascillica and the historic Great George Hotel, just to name a few.

Charlottetown Bascillica

Your guide will have you walk along the historical streets of Charlottetown, walking past some beautifully restored residences and historic buildings.

The Queen of Fries

The Chip Shack Owner

Time to head down to the waterfronts outdoor food court and sample a very popular local favorite known as The Chip Shack. Its owner also known among locals as the “Queen of Fries.”

It is well known throughout PEI that the proprietor makes the Island’s best french fry.

The Chip Shack

Boy, they weren’t kidding! Her freshly prepared Prince Edward Island Potato Fries were outstanding.

The Chip Shack Fries

You simply couldn’t get enough after your first taste!

Continuing on this guided tour, Paul had an amazing knowledge of the history and present day economic and social changes the city has and is experiencing.

Charlottetown Heritage Building

You will definitely leave knowing a great deal about the city of Charlottetown and Prince Edward Island after taking this tour.

Fresh Oysters and Lobster Rolls

MacKinnon's Restaurant

For seafood lovers, our final stop was to another well established and local favorite restaurant and seafood establishment located down at the waterfront.

Paul explained in great detail, the lobster and oyster fishing industry and its importance to the local economy.

Fresh PEI Lobster

You’ll learn everything there is to know about lobsters, oysters and the fishing industry in PEI.

PEI Oyster Dish

You can enjoy a taste of a fresh oyster with your tour guide explaining how an oyster from the shell should properly be eaten, to fully capture the full flavor of the oyster.

Eating PEI Oysters

Last up on our fun and very informative food tour was an opportunity to sample the very popular Lobster Roll. These rolls are absolutely delicious and found in many establishments on the east coast of Canada.

PEI Lobster Rolls

A very affordable and tasty way to enjoy fresh Canadian East Coast Lobster. Once you try one, you’ll find yourself searching for them everywhere.

They are excellent alongside a cold local Craft Beer!

PEI Lobster Rolls

Final Thoughts Banner

We had a wonderful informative tour given by our exceptional guide Paul. A great way to spend an afternoon outdoors in the beautiful sunshine. We sampled local favorite dishes and learned a great deal about the history of the city and PEI.

For more detailed information on Experience PEI and all the wonderful tours they offer, I’ve listed a link below to their Official website for your convenience.

Experience PEI Logo

🦞   Experience PEI

As well, for those planning a visit to Prince Edward Island, I’ve also included a link to their Official Tourism website. Here you can find everything you need to start planning your travels to this beautiful Island on the east coast of Canada.

PEI Tourism Logo

📖   Tourism Prince Edward Island

Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂 signature of author and owner at https://gr8traveltips.com

Although our Taste The Town food tour was hosted by Experience PEI while visiting Charlottetown. Rest assured, all content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal experience and opinions only.

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“The Province Of Prince Edward Island In Canada Was Officially Named After Prince Edward, The 4th Son Of King George III & Who Was The Father Of Queen Victoria.”

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