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Food Tour In Delhi
Post Last Modified – May 07, 2021

Food Tour in Delhi – A Walking Food Tour In Old Delhi

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If your travels have you stopping in New Delhi India, then I can’t recommend enough that you take time from your schedule to experience a Food Tour in Delhi.  My son and I did just that with a very reputable and professional business called Food Tour in Delhi.com.

This tour was one of the major highlights and more memorable experiences during our entire travels throughout India. This business continues to achieve Certificate of Excellence Awards from TripAdvisor and others for their outstanding customer satisfaction achievements.

tripadvisor certificate of excellence

“Our focus is to provide tourists with an affordable tour to explore the Delhi’s cuisine and culture in most authentic and safe way.”


Old Delhi Food Walk

Streets of Old Delhi India

There is a variety of different Food Tours to choose from depending on your time and budget. We chose their authentic Food Walk Tour down the streets and alleyways of Old Delhi.  Walking throughout the side streets and alleys of Old Delhi definitely gives you a feel and taste of everyday life for locals living and visiting this historic part of Delhi.

A truly unique and one of kind experience!

Most of the restaurants and food vendors we visited on this tour, you would be hard pressed to find or think of trying on your own without the assurance and recommendations of a professional tour guide. 

A number of these food establishments have been around well over 60 years and much more!

Our Outstanding Food Tour in Delhi Tour Guide

Food Tour in Delhi Guide

We were fortunate enough to be accompanied on this tour by one of the two Founders of the business and accomplished chef Mr. Rajeev Goyal, and what a treat and experience that was for all of us.  The other founder of this business being Mr. Jaidev Jamwal.

Throughout the entire tour, Mr. Goyal did his utmost to make our food tasting experience as enjoyable and pleasant as he possible could.

In great detail, he would explain the food choices and how with each bite the taste experience changes.

Food Tour In Delhi.com

Selecting this food walk, you will visit a variety of different food places throughout the streets and alleyways of Old Delhi, each one having its own unique history in this part of the city.

From mouth- watering  ice-cream parlors that have been in existence for over 75 years, to full delicious hot meals, to a street vendor that has been making “to die for” cookies for over 45 years,  you will taste some of the most delicious Indian food available anywhere.

Cookie Vendor in Old Delhi


Be prepared to eat a lot of delicious food! Do not go on this tour on a full stomach or you will miss out on some fabulous Indian delicacies! 


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A Walking Food Tour Extravaganza In Old Delhi

Alleys of Old Delhi

During this full 4 hour tour, you will walk through some historic landmark and bustling markets, including the spice market.

You get to take a ride on an authentic old rickshaw bike and walk a little to help burn some calories before stopping for another taste of the delicious street food of Old Delhi.

Historic Sites Visited On Our Old Delhi Food Tour

Street Food Tour In Delhi

In addition to eating all this fabulous food, your walking tour will take you to some of the oldest markets and more in Old Delhi including:

  • ✔ Chawadi Bazar;
  • ✔ Chandni Chow;
  • ✔ Spice Market;

Old Delhi Marketplace

  • ✔ Kucha Pati Ram;
  • ✔ Kinari Bazar;
  • ✔ Khari Baoli.


A Taste Of India On This Old Delhi Food Tour

Old Delhi Food Walk

Mr. Goyal was good enough to forward a detailed list of the amazing food we sampled on this tour. The following is the list of food items that we tasted, giving you an idea of just what to expect and how much you will be eating!

1) Nihari (Lamb curry with Tandori roti)

2) Petha (pumpkin dessert)

3) Dawlat ki chat (sweet foam milk)

4) Khandvi

5) Fruit Sandwich

6) Kulfi (saffron pistachio, pomegranate & mango)

Old Delhi Street Food

7) Chole Bhature & kulcha (chick peas with fried and toasted bread)

8) Ras malai (sweet)

9) Chole Bhature (new cooking)

10) Rajma Chawal (kidney beans with rice)

11) Parantha (Stuffed- papad, khoya, lemon, green chilly, pudina)

12) Sweet Lassi

Food Tour in Delhi

Final Thoughts Banner

All in all, this was a wonderful experience and as mentioned earlier, one of the most memorable experiences during our visit to India.

If you truly want to indulge in some amazing and very safe authentic Indian street food, then I highly recommend taking this tour during your stay in New Delhi.


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For more detailed information on their tours and much more, I listed a link below directing you to their official website for your convenience.

Food Tour In Delhi Logo

🍲   FoodTourDelhi

I’ve also listed the Official Incredible India Tourism link below to their website page for your convenience. It’s filled with excellent information on everything this beautiful Country has to offer.

Incredible India Logo

🐫   Incredible India – Tourism


Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

signature of author and owner Robert Tellier at https://gr8traveltips.com

Although our tour was in collaboration with Food Tour In Delhi, rest assured all content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal experience only.
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