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5 Premier Health & Wellness Holiday Resorts

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Treat yourself to a Health & Wellness Holiday this season and see what you’ve been missing!  As the world in general becomes more health conscious, health and wellness tourism is now a priority for many travelers who want to use holidaying as a chance to improve their general well being.

Many people today and especially us Baby Boomers, are always trying to discover new ways to …

Slow the Effects of Aging;Lose Weight;Look and Feel Better;Manage Stress;Pain Relief.
The above are just a few reasons for improving ones overall health and wellness.

Health Wellness Holiday

Traditionally, destination spas have been offering these services, but resorts are also now looking to cash in on the health and wellness craze. These services are also now being offered by day spas to cater to travelers who do not have much time on their hands.

Health Retreats Versus Health & Wellness Fitness Retreats

Health Wellness Holiday

Although health and wellness retreats and other such establishments are bundled up into the same category, it is important to be able to make a distinction between the two.

A person visiting a health retreat may be one who has a preexisting medical condition and would therefore be seeking out different healing therapies to complement their medication.

Wellness travelers on the other hand, are generally healthy and are more concerned with therapies that will help to maintain and even improve their overall sense of well – being.

Leading the pack in health and wellness is of course the Spa industry.

These come with professionally- run and structured programs geared towards achieving better health and wellness. There are different kinds of spas, with one of these being mineral spring spas. These majorly rely on hydrotherapy which may include seawater, thermal and natural mineral, all done on site.

Such establishments are mainly frequented by the European market and often built and promoted around this clientele.

Health & Wellness Fitness Holiday Growth

Health And Wellness Fitness Spa Holiday

Resort/hotel spas are also major players in this industry and growing rapidly as each year passes. What was once mainly for the North American market, has now grown globally and can be seen in hotel and resorts around the world.

Apart from the traditional vacation opportunities presented by resorts, additional amenities such as the Spa may be included in the resort/hotel package, proving extremely profitable for the proprietors, and of course very beneficial for the guests as well.

Spas are now more sought after than ever and many potential vacationers are now using the availability (or lack thereof) of a spa as an important criteria in choosing their preferred vacation spot both locally and internationally.

More and more people are now using Spas as a way to not only improve their general sense of well-being, but also as a way of enhancing their looks.

Medical spas are not to be left behind in this category. Away from the cosmetic treatment rage of the past decade, medical spas are being used for decidedly medical reasons. This usually includes health and wellness education, preventive health regimens and treatments as well as nutrition and fitness.

5 Stunning Health & Wellness Holiday Resorts

Travel Health & Wellness

With the soaring popularity of health and wellness tourism, there are some choice destinations that stand out as being particularly well-liked by tourists. Some of these great options around the world include;

Canyon Ranch – Tucson Arizona

Health & Wellness Holiday Resort #1

Canyon Ranch Spa Tucson

There are similar outposts in Lenox, MA and Miami, but this Tucson retreat is the most popular particularly with top CEO’s and celebrities. This high end resort offers a number of health and wellness programs including survival techniques, fitness classes, spiritual enrichment programs and lectures on well-being.

Their team of staff includes an in-house sleep expert, a clairvoyant and astrologer.

Maya Tulum Wellness Retreat & Spa


Maya Tulum Wellness Retreat and Spa

Health & Wellness Holiday Resort #2

Maya Tulum Wellness Retreat & Spa

The Maya Tulum Wellness Retreat & Spa is popular with tourists for its location and its affordability. There is the opportunity to rent private cabanas right on the beach with sweeping views of the Yucatan Peninsula.

The resort amenities include yoga classes, body rituals, spa treatments and sleep therapy treatments. In addition to this, there is an indigenous sweat lodge as well as classes in lucid dreaming and a tropical food diet.

Guests here are expected to leave feeling healthier and generally better equipped to handle the rigors of everyday modern life.

Spa Eastman – Quebec Canada

Health & Wellness Holiday Resort #3

Spa Eastman Quebec

Located in the Eastman region of Quebec, Spa Eastman offers a typically European retreat. This wellness center uses a method commonly known in Europe as “taking the waters”. This usually involves starting in the hot tub and sauna, and then moving straight on to cold water and snow.

The resort is largely based on thermotherapy treatments, where guests can also enjoy the lodge facilities for relaxation.

They of course have all inclusive packages that are very popular with tourists.

DoceLunas Hotel and Spa – South America

Health & Wellness Holiday Resort #4

DoceLunas Hotel & Spa

For tourists looking for an affordable getaway in South America, the DoceLunas Hotel & Spa stands out as a particularly great option. The resort features great boutique rooms, and has a sense of privacy that you would get in few hotels in the region. T

here are 5 acres of jungle gardens to take in here, as well as native toucans and macaws on the property.

Some of the health and wellness amenities include a yoga center, salon and full spa.

Levni Hotel and Spa – Istanbul Turkey

Health & Wellness Holiday Resort #5

levni hotel and spa istanbul turkey

The Levni Hotel & Spa in Istanbul Turkey is an affordable but luxurious retreat located right in the heart of Istanbul. You can expect some of the most scenic views of the city from this location, as well as an overall unforgettable experience.

You can expect a typically European experience here, but of course with a twist.

Guests can take an “adventure shower” where they are surrounded by smells, sounds and exotic lights as they shower. There is also a full spa that includes traditional Turkish baths among other amenities.

Guests can expect to leave feeling both relaxed and in a better mental and physical state.

Healthy Travel Holiday

These are just a few of some of the great options for health and wellness travel around the world. As this niche in the industry continues to grow rapidly, guests now have far more choices to choose from around the world. Especially for us who would enjoy the luxuries and pampering Spas offer, but who may also be a strict limited budget.

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The health and wellness industry has grown a great deal over the past few years, and is expected to continue growing as more people prioritize their health and fitness.

Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

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