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As a part time long haul trucker in British Columbia, I was so pleased to finally hear from another trucker who is concerned about eating and their health while out on the road. It saddens me to see truckers who can barely step out of their trucks because of obesity and lack of exercise.

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We do have a choice when traveling as the author of this article points out.I always carry a plug in cooler in the truck filled with a selection of healthy meals and snacks while on the road.

It is only out of necessity or a treat that I will stop at a fast food establishment when driving, and it is usually at Subway.

Below are a few healthier choices you and your family can make during your road travels.

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Selecting Healthy Restaurants On The Road


Whether traveling to school, work, visiting family, or going out for recreational activities, American people are constantly on the go, traveling in a hurry to get to our destination.

Due to our high paced nature, we are naturally inclined to stop at a fast food restaurant to get a quick meal during our travel.  Those in the trucking industry are especially susceptible to picking up a hamburger at a McDonalds, Wendy’s, or Burger King.

Vintage McDonald’s Restaurant 1971

Healthiest Restaurant Choices

In most cities, you can journey only a few blocks and drive past two of any one of the restaurants named above.  They are built for convenience and are scattered throughout our cities enticing us to stop in for lunch and dinner.

However, many studies have shown that the quality of fast food is pitiful and can lead to health problems when eaten in abundance.  Instead of falling into these poor eating habits, consider a restaurant that offers healthy alternatives for a meal on the go.

Healthiest Restaurant Choices

Buffalo Burgers

To start let’s define what a healthy meal may include.

Hamburgers, tacos, pizza, or fried chicken are not what we would consider to be healthy.  Such food is loaded with salt, fat, grease, and meats that are in some cases equal to the quality of food for domesticated animals.

Grade D meat is frequently offered in the form of ground beef, or chicken nuggets.  In most cases the meat is not even meat at all, it may be a soy-based product or tissues and tendons ground up and served as chicken or ground beef.

Healthier Fast Food

There are restaurant chains that offer “real” meats and a menu that included the fruits and vegetables we need to sustain our bodies throughout the day.

Healthiest Restaurant Choices – Subway


One of these restaurants that have become popular with clever advertising for nutritional dieting purposes is Subway.  Subway offers simple deli sandwiches that have few calories and trans fats.

This chain does not try to hide what they are serving.  When you order a meal from them, the nutrition facts are posted everywhere you look: on the walls, on the cups, and displayed on the bar while waiting in line.

Eating a deli sandwich is the next alternative to getting closer to a healthier meal for lunch.  Lean meats, vegetables, and the option to pick your toppings are an excellent combination to ensure you are eating something that is good for you.

Healthiest Restaurant Choices – Wawa:

Healthiest Restaurant Choices

Another stop that may seem out of the ordinary but is sweeping the nation is Wawa.  This convenience store is more that just a gas station.  Stopping into a Wawa is a unique experience that will allow you to place an order on one of their touch screen monitors and have your food ready in minutes.

WaWa also offers pre-packaged ready to go fruits, vegetables, yogurts, and quick snacks that are healthy and appetizing.  When ordering from the touch screen you have the option for subs, soups, salads, frozen drinks and many more options.

This is a great potential spot for truckers to fuel up and get food at the same time.

Healthier Fast Food Choices

Healthy Fast Food

Some other quick alternatives to some older fast food chains are Chick-Fil-A as opposed to KFC.  Chik-Fil-A uses peanut oil to fry their chicken and offers some lower fat and lean meat meals.  You can order a soup or salad as a side instead of salt filled French fries and greased up fried chicken.

Another quick replacement is Chipotle as opposed to Taco Bell.  Chipotle will give you the fix you need for a Latin-based meal with chicken, steak, veggies, in a bowl or burrito.

The food they offer is real meat, and can be complimented with pico de gallo, corn, guacamole, instead of fat filled cheesy food with GMO’s, sodium, and trans fats that we are always trying to rid out of our diets.

Guest Author at Gr8 Travel Tips

Nick Quinlan is himself a trucker who often writes between jobs to provide some supplemental income, and tends to frequent the above listed establishments when he needs some food on the road.

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I’ve also included a link below to the Official Cosmopolitan Magazine Website. I’ve directed the link to their article on Healthy Meal Choices That Aren’t Salad. A few of their selections for healthy eating on the road.

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🍍   Cosmopolitan – Healthy Meal Choices


Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

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