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StashBelt Money Belts
Post Last Modified – April 03, 2021

Superb Stashbelt Money Belts For Travel

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One of my favorite television shows in Canada is a weekly program specifically featuring a variety of entrepreneurs. They pitch their unique business ideas to a handful of successful business men and women.  These candidates are seeking financial assistance and expertise from this group of highly successful investors.

A great show where a number of these entrepreneurs have gone on to establish very successful businesses over the years.

The Founders of StashBelt successfully pitched their unique product and mission to the panel and were successful.  Today they offer the world’s premiere money belt. These belts are handmade in Kenya, made from genuine graze-fed and organic leather only.

StashBelt Founders

Check out the short video below, giving you a glimpse of what these quality money belts are doing for the people in Kenya.

StashBelt Stash Your Cash – YouTube Video


StashBelt Money Belts For Travel And More

StashBelt Banner

As luck had it, I just happened to be in the market for a couple of money belts for my son and myself for our upcoming journey to India.  One of the main travel products strongly recommended by other seasoned travelers, was to be sure to wear a money belt. This, especially for the type of traveling we were going to do while in India.

I recall many times while traveling abroad, that I had wished I had a money belt with me.

Stashbelt Money Belts for Travel

After watching the episode and pitch made by the Stashbelt entrepreneurs, I knew immediately that these were the belts I definitely wanted. I made a point of contacting them immediately.  Their business model so reminded me of one other business with similar traits.

The organization known as 📖 Better World Books. This is a very similar business model, helping those less fortunate to read.

Quality Hand Crafted Stashbelt Money Belts For Travel

StashBelt Manufacturers Kenya

As you saw in the video, these are high quality belts that are painstakingly crafted by devoted workers in Kenya.  The company uses top quality genuine graze-fed and organic leather only in their products.  As soon as I received my belts and opened the package, I could immediately feel and smell the fine leather.

I knew right away these were quality hand made products!

StashBelts Hidden Zipper

Besides having the full length 18 inch hidden zipper on the backside of the belt, one other very unique feature to the belt and included with each one, is the addition of a very thin 4 GB USB stick which can be slipped into a part of the belt as well.  Another superb addition added to these belts and a great idea these guys thought of!

You can now keep scanned copies of your passport, visas and any other important documents should you lose the originals during your travels.

Well done Stashbelt!! 🙂

StashBelts Business And Their Mission Statement

StashBelt Logo

StashBelt truly believes that for real advance for Kenya and all of Africa for that matter, it will come from “trade not aid, pride not pity.”  Just the same as with another of my favorite charitable organizations I am involved with known as “Kiva.”

Kiva is an organization that help those help themselves. Thus, creating employment and growth in countries around the world.

With your purchase of any StashBelt product, you are helping Kenya and its people. By creating more jobs and a better way of life for Kenyans.

Ten per cent of all profits made from sales are put into The StashBelt Foundation. Funds generated are then used to assist new businesses that show that they can make a significant difference to their community.

Kenya Flag

Jonah Brotman – co-founder of StashBelt;

 “We are proud to employ up to 23 Kenyan leather artisans based out of our factory in Nairobi. We pay well above market wages and focus on the “workers guild” model of apprenticeship so that our workers can one day open their own shops.”

I only wish many other businesses would follow this company’s business model!  I just received our belts in the mail and they look absolutely fantastic! 🙂 They are beautifully hand crafted quality leather belts.

Hand Made Quality Leather On All Stashbelt Money Belts

If you’re looking for quality hand – made leather travel products and a company that supports others, then do check out StashBelts before purchasing elsewhere.

Below, I have added the link to their official website for your convenience. On their website, you can access detailed information on their complete line of products, online ordering and much more.

Note: Their website is temporarily shut down. Hopefully they will resume operation in the near future.

StashBelts Business Model

🏁   StashBelts


These belts were excellent for 7 weeks traveling throughout India. Especially, when we were in very congested areas in the towns and cities. Even though we never felt unsafe at any time, it was always nice to know we didn’t have to worry about carrying our money around in our pockets. 🙂


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Update 2021:

Unfortunately after 7 successful years of operation, Stashbelt has decided at this time to close their business. We hope to see them back one day very soon, and continue on with producing these quality belts and helping to support others at the same time.

Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

signature of author and owner Robert Tellier at https://gr8traveltips.com

Thanks to StashBelt for Providing Our Money Belts for our travels throughout India. All content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal experience and opinion only.
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