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Benefits of Water For Staying Healthy On the Road

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I am sure you have all read about the benefits of water, but do you really pay attention to the important Benefits of Water when Traveling?  Well everything you have read is true and it is particularly important when you do travel. Taking the few extra precautions to ensure healthy travel is crucial, whether taking a vacation or business trip and it definitely can make a huge difference to help prevent illness from occurring while away.

Believe it or not, the magic ingredient to help fight illness is … Water!

Check out this quick and very informative video on 8 Benefits of Drinking Water.

8 Benefits Of Staying Hydrated – YouTube Video



Advantages & Benefits Of Water For Overall Health

Simply put, we cannot survive without water. It is what keeps us alive! A great percentage of our human body is made up of water and plays an important part in keeping us healthy. When we perspire or become dehydrated, we lose the bodies much needed supply of water.

In a nutshell, or bodies will begin to break down in many different ways if we do not stay hydrated!

This is much the case when we travel to foreign countries on vacation. Particularly when we head to those hot and humid tropical destinations in search of sun, sand and sea.  Unlike going without food, a healthy human adult really cannot survive without water for more than 4 to 6 days on average.

Yikes! 🙁

I recently came across this poster on the advantages of drinking water in the morning that was worth sharing with you.

5 Excellent Reasons to Drink Water

Water Benefits Poster

Help Prevent Illness With Water When Traveling

drinking water poster

As you can see in the poster above, fresh clean drinking water is healthy and needed for daily life for us to function properly.  As indicated in the #1 reason, it helps fight infection and this is particularly important during travel.

  1. Water Balances the Bodies Lymph System keeping you Health
  2. Water Flushes Toxins from the body
  3. Water helps to Boost your Body’s Metabolism
  4. Water Assists in the Production of Muscle and Blood Cells
  5. Water Purifies the Colon

This is just 5 simple reasons to drink water continuously each and every day, especially so when traveling!  Just do a Google search for –  ‘Benefits of Water’  on the internet and you will find hundreds of reasons why water is the ‘magic potion’ for a healthy life!

Alcohol Is No Substitute For Water

Benefits of Water When Traveling

Without diving into the scientific reasons why alcohol is not a substitute for water, simply put any form of alcohol introduced into the body will cause ‘dehydration.’

There certainly is nothing wrong with enjoying alcoholic beverages on holidays, but remember, the more you drink, the more the body becomes dehydrated.  When you combine alcohol, with hot humid weather, particularly on those wonderful 🌅 All Inclusive Beach Vacations, then it can be a recipe for disaster!


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Heat stroke, dehydration and other forms of illness can certainly step in and ruin that long awaited vacation on the beach! So without going any further, drink plenty of water when traveling and help prevent illness from setting in.

Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

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