Revelstoke Railway Museum
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The Revelstoke Railway Museum In British Columbia

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If your plans have you driving on highway 1 in southeastern British Columbia in either direction then you simply must make a point of stopping in the picturesque town of Revelstoke and taking time to visit the Historic Revelstoke Railway Museum.

A beautiful railway museum dedicated to Canadian history and railway heritage.

Discover Revelstoke BC And The Railway Museum

Revelstoke British Columbia Railway Museum

Surrounded by two National Parks, Revelstoke is an outdoor paradise and has some of the most beautiful scenery you will come upon in the Province of British Columbia.
Located in the southeastern part of the Province, the city is ideally located for travelers heading in either direction on the Trans – Canada Highway.

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It is 641 kilometres (398 mi) east of Vancouver, and 415 kilometres (258 mi) west of Calgary, Alberta.  Located alongside the Columbia River, Revelstoke is a perfect location to stop and spend some time.

The Revelstoke Heritage Railway Society

Revelstoke BC Railway Museum

Officially opened in July 1994, the museum has since become a major tourist attraction for visitors from all parts of the globe.
The museum is a non-profit, charitable organization that was painstakingly built and now preserved by a dedicated number of individuals who initially formed the Heritage Railway Society.

Revelstoke Railway Museum Displays

This group of dedicated local business people, railway enthusiasts, model railroaders, retired CPR employees and members of the Selkirk Division of the Canadian Railway Historical Association, worked tirelessly in putting their dream of displaying the history of railroading here in this part of BC.

It’s easy to see when you walk through the doors, the labor of love that has been put into this museum over the years.

The Wonderful Railway Museum Displays

1948 Mikado 5468 Steam Locomotive

The museum reflects the true history of the Canadian Pacific Railway in this region of British Columbia. You will be absolutely amazed by their collection of artifacts, historical photographs, artwork and historic rail cars.

The original 1948 Mikado 5468 Steam Locomotive is also on display inside the museum.

Revelstoke Railway Museum Vintage Baggage Rack

There’s rail cars, beautiful rail paintings, exhibits and in-house theatre. Relax and view their 22 minute documentary of those people who worked on the railroad.

The film was even shot in Revelstoke back in 1958!

Revelstoke Railway Museums Tribute To Foreign Workers

Revelstoke Railway Museum Tribute to the Chinese

There are lovely displays in the museum depicting the life and hard times of the huge numbers of Chinese Foreign Workers who were brought to Canada to build the railroad.

Revelstoke Railway Museum Display

Life was extremely difficult for these people during this period. The museum illustrates their life and the sacrifice they endured to build the railroad here in Canada.

The Last Spike

Craigellachie Last Spike Rest Area

Just a 45 kilometer drive west of Revelstoke, there’s a lovely rest area known as Craigellachie. It is the site where The Last Spike on the Canadian Pacific Railway was driven.

The coast to coast railroad was started on both ends of Canada. They finally joined together at this point located in the Rocky Mountains.

The last spike marked the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway on November 7, 1885.

Revelstoke Railway Museum Outdoor Displays

There’s a picturesque area just outside of the main museum, complete with picnic tables and a covered gazebo. A perfect setting to relax and spend some time outdoors, while viewing the cars on display outside.

You certainly do not have to be a train buff to enjoy the beautiful displays and rail cars at this museum.  There’s also a model railroad on the top floor for the whole family to enjoy.

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Below, I have listed the official website to this museum, where you can access much more detailed information for your convenience.


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As well, I have included Tourism Revelstoke’s website, where you can learn much more about the city and area attractions. So spend some time in the lovely area of BC and be sure to stop at the museum for a visit.

You will definitely be glad you did as we were! 🙂

Revelstoke Tourism Logo

🏔   See Revelstoke 

Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

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Although our visit was in collaboration with The Revelstoke Railway Museum, rest assured all content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal experience only.

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