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Go Whale Watching in Tofino BC With Ocean Outfitters

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If you are planning a visit to Vancouver Island on Canada’s west coast and will be making your way to the picturesque town of Tofino British Columbia, then I highly recommend putting Ocean Outfitters Adventure Tours on your things to do list  when visiting the area.

Tofino is situated up island on the rugged west coast and is world renowned for its spectacular beaches including infamous ‘Long Beach’ that stretches for 10 kilometers and is situated in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.  Pacific Rim is just one of the beautiful National Parks located in Canada.

Visitors travel to this stunning destination from all parts of the globe year round for its amazing beaches, endless outdoor activities and to just experience nature in this vast and mostly untouched wilderness in BC.

Surfing at Spectacular Long Beach


It has also attracted Surfers from across the globe having being recognized as a world class surfing destination!

Spectacular Whale Watching In Tofino British Columbia

Picturesque Tofino Harbour & Home of Ocean Outfitters


Of course one can’t forget whale watching and something that everyone should experience while visiting this part of Canada’s west coast.

The months of March right into November bring thousands of Gray Whales along the Pacific Rim Coast and a few of these enormous creatures actually will stay in the region.  During our whale watching experience with Ocean Outfitters in late September, these are the whales we were able to view on our afternoon tour while in Clayquot Sound.


For those of you traveling from May into September, you will also get the opportunity to view the beautiful Humpback Whales.  As well, keep your eyes peeled for the odd Orca Whale passing thru!

Ocean Outfitters For Whale Watching On Vancouver Island

Our Excellent Skipper & Whale Watching Guide


My family and I were fortunate enough to experience a wonderful afternoon with Ocean Outfitters located right in downtown Tofino at the water’s edge.  We’re always looking for excitement and adventure on our travels and taking their fast rigid hull inflatable for our whale tour was just what we were after!

Ocean Outfitters Whale Watching Vessels

Heading Down to Our Whale Watching Zodiac


Choose from their fast and exciting inflatables or for a more relaxed ride, they offer a very comfortable deluxe powered vessel as well, that will keep you covered from the elements in increment weather.

Wild One

All Aboard & Ready to Head Out to Sea

Whale Watching in Tofino

A 30 foot aluminum rigid hull inflatable built to Canadian Coast Guard standards. It comes equipped with very comfortable seating for shock absorbency, safety bars, on-board head and state of the art navigational equipment.


The Miss Chief Joining Us at Sea


This is Ocean Outfitters 30’ deluxe covered vessel.  Ride in comfort with its wide custom built padded seats, a furnace for those cold days, an on-board head (bathroom), state of the art navigational equipment and an extra – large stern (rear) viewing deck.

All their vessels are first class along with their very experienced skippers and guides to make your tour all the more enjoyable.

Safety Always A Priority With Ocean Outfitters

Staff Member Reviewing Survival Suit & Safety


For our ride, we were suited up in regulation safety suits, rain coats and even comfortable eye wear (ski masks), which we found excellent breaking the cool wind and ocean spray during our high speed journey!

Before embarking on your tour, you are given a safety briefing and detailed instructions on the survival suit and much more.

My Daughter All Suited Up in Her Safety Gear


The company’s attention to safety is priority one!

“We take safety very seriously at Ocean Outfitters. We go above and beyond Transport Canada requirements to provide a safe and reliable experience. We continue to work diligently reviewing and enhancing our already exemplary safety record.”


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An Unforgettable Whale Watching Experience On Vancouver Island

Our Skipper & Guide Pointing Out the Various Sea Life


The weather for late September was absolutely perfect!  It started out cloudy but after a short period of time, the clouds began to break and the sun started to shine.  We left the harbour and began heading out into the open Pacific Ocean on the west coast in search of Whales!

We couldn’t have been more impressed with our skipper and guide keeping us well informed and sharing his extensive knowledge of the region, the sea life and wild life that inhabit the area throughout the whole tour.

A very experienced skipper and top notch guide who made the whole tour very enjoyable!

Viewing More Than Just Whales In Canada’s Rugged West Coast

Sea Lions Sunning on the Rocks


This beautiful rugged coastline is simply breathtaking and during our tour we were able to view Seals, Sea Lions, Grey Whales, Bald Eagles and much more!  You really get a taste of nature at its best on one of these tours.

A Large Gray Whale Surfacing for Air


We’ve enjoyed whale watching tours on different parts of Vancouver Island, but to actually head out into the open Pacific Ocean and view its spectacular coast line, is simply a must for nature lovers!

My Wife & I Enjoying the Adventure


Your tour will take 2 ½ to 3 hours taking you into beautiful Clayquot Sound, where many of the whales and Sea Lions come to feed.  We had a wonderful time and can’t wait to return and enjoy another adventure with Ocean Outfitters!


Handy Tips for Your Whale Watching in Tofino Experience

After taking this tour, here are a couple of tips I thought would be helpful for those planning to go Whale Watching.

Bring Sunglasses:

The glare on the water can be very bright at times.  As you can see in the our picture above, it’s slightly overcast and my wife and I wear Transition Eye Glasses that went completely dark from the glare!

Motion Sickness:

If you are subject to motion sickness, I do recommend taking or wearing something for this to make your tour much more enjoyable. Remember, at times you are out in the open ocean and the swells can be quite large at times.

My family members had a blast riding over the waves, but for me at certain times, the rolling swells were starting to make me feel a bit queezy wishing I had taken my Gravol before leaving, which works great for me!


It goes without saying – Don’t forget your camera or you’ll be sorry!


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Have Fun:

Don’t be afraid to ask your skipper and guide any questions you may have. They are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the area and wildlife.

Amazing Coastal Scenery in Clayquat Sound


Below, I have listed Ocean Outfitters Official website link for your convenience, where you can access much more detailed information on all the different tours they offer besides Whale Watching.

As well, I have also included a link to an excellent Tofino Tourism Guide website.


🐳   Ocean Outfitters  


🌅   Tofino Tourism Guide

Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

signature of author and owner Robert Tellier at https://gr8traveltips.com

Although our tour was in collaboration with Ocean Outfitters, rest assured all content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal experience only.

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